Are you tired of carpets that retain dirt even after cleaning? Look no further than Carp-Acryl, the carpet shampoo that redefines deep cleaning.


  • High Foam Performance: Carp-Acryl generates a highly active protective foam that dries to form polymer and dirt clusters.
  • Antisoil Effect: These clusters do not adhere to the fibers, making future cleaning easier.
  • Foam Control: In case of excessive foam, simply remove it with a wet vacuum cleaner or a spray extraction machine.

Ingredients Compliant with Standards

Carp-Acryl contains anionic surfactants <5%, polymeric dispersions, fragrances, and safe preservatives (methylisothiazolinone, benzisothiazolinone).

pH Balanced

The pH value of Carp-Acryl, both in concentrated and diluted form, is approximately 8, making it ideal for moisture-resistant textile coatings.

Easy Application

  1. Vacuum the carpet.
  2. Mix the solution according to the instructions.
  3. Apply with a rotary floor machine.
  4. Let it dry, and voilà! A carpet like new.

Note: This product is for professional use only. Protect from freezing.

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